Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ZettiBetti's International Tag Swap

I have joined an international tag swap from ZettiBetti's Blog
Check it out here

So excited to meet you all! I'm looking forward to seeing your lovely work.

I will post picture of the 6 tags I make as well as the 5 I receive back 

Thanks for looking


Mia's Mummy said...

Hi Catherine!
I'm Ebony, one of your partners for this swap! Shoot me an email with your postal addy for the tag and I'll reply with mine:
Looking forward to seeing your work!

Louise said...

Hi Catherine
Just to let you know I accidentally changed my blog and I don't think my old followers can access it. New blog is www.myhuckleberryfinn.blogspot.com.Can you update this post to reflect the changes?

Louise (previously known as zettibetti)!! xx

CeeMae said...

Hi Catherine.

I hope you got my email with my details. Your tag is ready. :) x

CeeMae said...
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Jude said...

Fellow KIWI saying hi, we 2x are in the group4

Arohanui X

Ayelet {Jenny} said...

Hi Cathrine :-)
Can you please email me your Addy so that we can swap postal tags :-)